Hiking and other activities in the Laurentians


Hiking in the Laurentians is simply amazing. It can only please the great outdoors lovers, as its valleys and mountains allow them to contemplate a moving and verdant scenery, given its plentiful conifer, oak and maple forests. Hence, there is no lack of activities in this beautiful region of Quebec. Whether you are a hiking lover, a golf enthusiast, a horseback rider or a zip-line aficionado, the Laurentians have everything to satisfy all passions.


Parc de la Rivière Doncaster : Located only 50 minutes away from Montreal and 6 km away from Ste-Adèle’s downtown, Parc de la Rivière Doncaster has everything to make hiking lovers happy. Its trails total 10 km and are located on its beautiful river’s shore, in its forest as well as in its mountain. This park is one of the few that allow hikers to bring their dog on the trails. Entry fees for one day of hiking are 7.00$ and it’s free for kids that are 5 years old or younger.

Réseau de sentiers des Orphelins : In the spirit of the love of the land and nature, Réseau de sentiers des Orphelins has an educational mission. That mission translates into the interpretation and discovery of nature, through ten boards that can be found alongside the trails. Wooden walkways can also be found, which allow us to cross two wooded peat bog, as well as a panoramic viewpoint and a refuge. The interpretation trail is 6 km long and it starts and ends in Parc du Corridor Aérobique.

Parc régional de Val-David – Val-Morin : With more than 60 km of trails, this regional park offers many hiking circuits of various levels, ranging from easy to difficult. Its breathtaking landscapes can be sighted from its heights while hiking or even jogging, as its trails have been designed to accommodate runners also. The rate for one day of hiking is 8.00$ and it’s free for kids that are 10 years old or younger.


Gold Piedmont : Located midway between Montreal and Tremblant, this Saint-Sauveur Valley/Piedmont golf offers a par-72 course. Golf Piedmont offers great deals for the 2017 season, such as “Jeudi des dames”, which allows ladies to play at any time of the day for only 31$, or “Mardi des ainés”, which allows people who are 55 years old and over to play and to have access to a cart as from 11 am for only 49$.

Golf La Vallée de Ste-Adèle: This Laurentian 18 holes is perfect for those who are looking to play golf in a friendly setting. Golf La Vallée de Ste-Adèle has a par-72 course that consists of three parts: the mountain, the valley and the river shore. Their prices are affordable: for the 18 holes, before 3 pm, it’s 34$ from Monday to Thursday, 40$ from Friday to Sunday, and 46$ on Saturdays and public holidays.

Auberge & Spa Beaux Rêves offers two great packages to golf enthusiasts as well as to those who want to relax and revitalize. The Beaux Rêves “Golf” package includes 1 night accommodation, 1 country breakfast, 1 dinner table d’hôte 4 or 5 courses, 1 day of 18 holes golfing with cart (4 options of golf courses) and a 2-day access to the Beaux Rêves Nordic, for only 119$. As for the “Golf Relaxation” package, it includes 2 nights accommodation, 2 country breakfasts, 1 choice of a 60 minutes per person spa treatment, 1 dinner table d’hôte 4 or 5 courses, 1 day of 18 holes golfing with cart (4 options of golf courses) and a 3-day access to the Beaux Rêves Nordic Spa, for only 279$.

Horseback riding

Écuries du Chantecler: Located in the heart of Ste-Adèle, this equestrian center has as a mission to make you experience an unforgettable moment on horseback. Among the circuits they offer, there is the “Randonnée Montagnard Privée”, which takes place in the mountains and allows you to be with no one else but your horse and your guide. The rate for this circuit is 50$ per person for 1 hour.

Auberge & Spa Beaux Rêves offers many horseback riding packages to its guests. Among those there is the “Horseback Riding 1 night” package, which gives you 1 night accommodations, 1 country breakfast, 1 dinner table d’hôte 4 or 5 services, 1 hour of horseback riding in the forest, 1 spa treatment (60 minutes per person) and 2 days access to the Beaux Rêves Nordic Spa, for only 189$.


At the mountain adventures park Tyroparc, located in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, the need of thrills meets the love of the great outdoors.

Tyroparc’s “The Classic” package offers you a 2 and a half hours hiking circuit, that includes a 1.5 km hike and 4 Mega-Zip Lines totaling 2.6 km. The rate for this circuit is 70$ for adults and 55$ for those under 16.

Circuits and mountain trails: “The Discovery” package, a 3-hour circuit, includes a Via Ferrata route on a rock wall that is as high as a 17 floor building, as well as 2 Mega-Zip Lines. The rate of this thrilling circuit is 80$ for adults and 65$ for those under 16.

Mega Combo: As its name suggests, this circuit consists of many modes of transport. It includes 4 Mega-Zip Lines, a 1.5 km hike, a Via Ferrata route and some rappelling. The rate for this unforgettable experience is 130$ for adults and 105$ for those under 16.

There is nothing like the summer and fall seasons in the Laurentians to fill up on fresh air and to marvel at amazing views. After a day of hiking, golfing, horseback riding or zip lining, come to Auberge & Spa Beaux Rêves to relax in our nordic spa in the middle of nature. If you have any questions about activities in the Laurentians or about our Auberge & Spa, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you plan your trip to the Laurentians.