3 Benefits of Taking a Laurentians Weekday Getaway


Sometimes a short Laurentians weekday Getaway is all you need to recharge your batteries. We’ve all been there: trying to manage a busy home and work life on low energy levels and using the weekend to do nothing but regain our balance before we have to do it all over again. If you’re currently feeling this way, you may be in the need of a quick weekday getaway to regain your energy.  If the circumstances permit, a weekday getaway may be more beneficial than a weekend getaway. Below are 3 benefits of taking a weekday getaway.

1) Laurentians weekday getaways are cost effective

Depending on what you decide to do during your short time off, weekday getaway rates tend to be at a discounted rate in comparison to weekend rates, resulting in greater savings. At our Laurentians Inn and spa, our weekday rates for accommodation packages are approximately $40.00 cheaper for two in comparison to the weekend rate.

2) Fewer people visit inns and spas during the week

Many who contemplate taking a mini getaway decide to book for a weekend but less so during the week. This results in fewer people at the location of your mini-getaway. For those who can, this can be a great opportunity to enter deep relaxation and unplug from it all in a truly solitude environment. At Auberge and Spa Beaux Rêves, we limit our capacity of spa-goers at a time to ensure that your experience at our Nordic spa is always inviting and relaxing. Our inn and spa is never crowded or rushed regardless of the day or time of the week. However, there are fewer people staying on weekdays. This further ensures a relaxing Laurentians weekday getaway and Beaux Rêves experience.

3) You’re escaping the most stressful time of the week

The work-week can be a stressful time for many. Most are so overworked during the week that when the weekend comes around, it’s tempting to just sit on the couch with a glass of wine. Though this sounds great for many, sometimes there’s no better feeling than taking a few extra days off during the week for a weekday getaway. Whether you work full time in an office, construction site or run your own business in your home office, a quick weekday spa getaway in the heart of the Laurentians can do wonders in helping you regain your energy and equilibrium.

Escape the stresses of the week and book a day escapade or a relaxing Laurentians weekday getaway at our spa.

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