4 Benefits of Going to the Spa If You’re Over 50

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Let’s face it, if you’re over the age of 50, your body is going through some undeniable changes. You may be feeling the stresses that come with retirement planning, family life, high blood pressure or managing your business. You may be trying hard to keep up with your energetic grandchildren or you’re helping your own children who are well into their mid-twenties move into their new apartment. Whatever it is, you’ve realized that your body can no longer do the things it was once able to do without feeling some sort of discomfort right after. If you’re at this stage in your life, a visit to the spa can provide tremendous physical and psychological benefits.  According to Day Spa Magazine, there are 76 million American baby boomers with increasing aches and pains and stresses which can be diminished through regular visits to the spa. Here are 5 key benefits of going to the spa and indulging in the Beaux Rêves experience when you’ve over the age of 50.

1) Massage therapy lowers blood pressure

One of the most effective and natural ways to reduce high blood pressure is through massage therapy. If you receive a massage on a semi-regular basis, both your blood pressure and cortisol stress-hormone will decrease. Lowering your blood pressure through regular massage can also decrease your chances of heart attack, kidney failure or a stroke.

2) Posture improvement and joint pain relief

Over time our bodies begin to give out from the day to day activities we’ve been taking part in for years. Even the most mundane activities can cause tension in your joints, neck and back, causing great amount of discomfort. Often times, this pain is caused by poor posture. With a spa treatment like the Swedish massage, muscles are loosened and joints are relaxed which releases pressure points and allows the body to straighten out into a natural posture.  According to research, the gentle strokes and circular, kneading motions from a Swedish massage can improve circulation and reduce tension in tired muscles.

3) Massage therapy strengthens the immune system

A massage at the spa not only helps relieve stress but can also increase the natural activity of the body’s “killer cells”, aiding the body in fighting against bacteria and infection and improves the bodies overall immune function. A healthy immune system is also the result of lowered levels of stress which is also an effect of spending time at the spa and thermotherapy.

4) A spa getaway can rekindle sparks between you and your partner

Visiting the spa or taking a mini-getaway with your life partner can do wonders in rekindling that spark in the relationship. Relaxing in our warm and natural Nordic spa or simply sitting by the fire in your suite with your partner during an overnight stay can provide necessary and greater levels of relaxation, emotional bonding and intimacy.

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