Restaurant Ste Adele options to discover

Restaurant Ste Adele Laurentians

Restaurant Ste Adele options to discover. Knowing where to eat is probably one of the most important things to consider when planning a vacation. Experience the best a region has to offer can leave a lasting impression on your visit, wherever it may be.

Restaurant Ste Adele options in the Laurentians

We have you covered with our list of Laurentian restaurants that will make you and your tummy happy.

Chez Milot

We have partnered up with Restaurant Chez Milot so that we can offer amazing meals to our guests. From daily made bread to fresh home style meals, you’ll feel right at home away from home. Their service is friendly and accommodating to your needs making sure every dish is made right for your tastes. Do not worry if you’re not staying with us as Chez Milot also offers an amazing 5 à 7 deal. You can enjoy one of their 4 course table d’hôte meals for just $21! This restaurant Ste-Adele has a great selection of dishes to choose from to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

La Chitarra

La Chitarra is another local Ste Adele restaurant that we have the pleasure of partnering up with. If you are looking for an authentic homemade Italian meal then look no further. From fresh pasta to veal, they have all the favorites. Though their restaurant may be small, it never feels crowded making La Chitarra is a perfect place for a quiet intimate dinner with a loved one or for a group of friends. Their staff is attentive and friendly giving you the experience of Italy right here in the Laurentians.

Sushi Ste Adele

Who can say no to sushi? What caught our eye, and stomach, with Sushi Ste Adel is their quality of fish used in each one of their sushi creations. Unlike most sushi places, they use a nice amount of fish in their rolls which come in a nice variety.  There is something on the menu for everyone, and in case you are wondering, yes that is real crab in the California hand roll.  There is no short on quality at Sushi Ste Adele. What’s also great is that they offer takeout so you can enjoy your meal in the coziness of your inn room.

Tête Cochon

Be warned vegetarians and vegans this is not the restaurant for you. Tête Cochon Ste Adele is unique in that on top of being a restaurant it also offers a full service deli counter and small gift shop stocked with only local products. All of their meats come from local farms and hunters so you can be sure your meat is fresh and up to the highest standard. Where they offer meat lovers favorites like ribs, burgers and steaks, they also offer some more ‘exotic’ meat choices like bison, blood sausage and their own take on gourmet poutine. Duck confit anyone? With their varied selection of meats makes Tête Cochon not only a great restaurant for meat lovers, but for those who are gluten intolerant and want to eat something more than just a salad.

Spago Ste Adele

If you’re planning to have an evening out in Ste Adele why not try Spago Ste Adele. Located conveniently across from the Pine Theatre, Spago Ste Adele offers a dinner and a movie promo. There is also no need to worry about missing your movie as the service at Spago is very quick. They offer a great French-Italian fusion menu and their staff is very knowledgeable on their wines. If you want to take your partner for a romantic dinner and a movie they won’t soon forget, Spago is the Laurentian restaurant best for your evening!

Restaurant Recto Verso

If you’re looking for a more upscale place to eat on your Laurentian getaway we highly recommend you to try Recto Verso.  Recto Verso is a perfect place to treat your partner out to dinner with its rustic romantic interior design.  Everything on their menu is made fresh to date with high quality local ingredients all local to Ste Adele.  Because they only use local ingredients from local farms, their menu is seasonal; assuring you you’ll never eat the same meal twice! Recto Verso is a hidden restaurant Ste Adele culinary gem in the heart of the Laurentians.

Restaurant Juliano

Want to enjoy a twist on Italian cuisine from the comfort of your inn room? Juliano’s has got you covered. You can order a full meal and they will happily deliver it to you. No need to get out and dressed, just sit back and enjoy your vacation and have them bring dinner to you. What really drew our attention in is their amazing home smoked salmon. Their food is made from fresh local ingredients but their homemade smoked salmon is on the top of our must try list!

We hope that during your upcoming trip to the Laurentians, you will be able to experience a range of interesting activities and delicious local foods. If you are looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate after a busy day in our region, we invite you to experience our Nordic Spa. If you have any questions about out list of restaurant Ste Adele options or our packages, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.