Spa Packages and Spa Treatments at Auberge & Nordic Spa Beaux Rêves


Come to Auberge & Nordic Spa Beaux Rêves and experience a taste of heaven! Whether you are looking for a facial treatment, massage therapy, time relaxing in nature, a sauna or any other serene, beautifying and refreshing spa experience, Beaux Rêves’ numerous spa packages will completely rejuvenate you.  Come for the day of spa and stay overnight, there are 13 choices of accommodations and all overnight guests enjoy 2 days of Nordic Spa access and a delicious country breakfast buffet.  Riverside Queen or King suites have double Jacuzzis, fireplaces and balconies where couples can enjoy a duo massage amongst nature and overlooking the rushing river. 

We offer a complete range of spa treatments and spa packages designed for your enjoyment.

Insurance receipts are offered for massage therapy by professional therapists.  Our nordic spa is set in the beautiful Laurentians region, just 45 minutes north of Montreal and south of Mont Tremblant. We offer an intimate setting where rounded mountaintops and soft rolling hills surround you.  

Experience the unique beauty and the soothing atmosphere of Beaux Rêves where you can relax in our Nordic spa facilities and discover a new home away from home. Whether you’re native to the Laurentians, Montreal or Ottawa area or just passing through, you’ll find indulging in our spa treatments or spa packages will be a memorable experience you’ll soon want to repeat!

Discover the Laurentians

If you haven’t yet visited the Laurentians, it’s an exquisite location you won’t want to miss. Located just north of Montreal, it is a region where you can see fabulous landscapes year-round. The fall colours are some of the best seen in the world. Natives of this area are happy to share with you the region’s best-kept secrets, such as where to find the tastiest regional cuisine and where to discover and participate in the wide variety of activities. 

Wide open spaces are showcased across an immense and breathtaking natural territory. While you are here, enjoy our many lakes, national parks and large regional parks where you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in every season. If you are an adventurer, we offer the perfect spa packages for you to choose:  horseback riding in the mountains all year round or winter dog sledding and snowmobiling to start your day and afterwards enjoy a relaxing massage or body treatment. Slip into the thermal pond and sip a hot chocolate as you relax and reflect upon the great day you had!

This natural destination is not to be skipped. When you visit Auberge & Nordic Spa Beaux Rêves, you can experience wonderfully picturesque sights while you de-stress from the outside world. At Beaux Rêves and in the Laurentians, you can truly have the time of your life.

Highlights of What You Can Experience with Our Spa Packages

When you treat yourself to a Spa Package from Beaux Rêves, you are walking into an experience you will never forget. Each of our packages includes four hours of access to our Nordic spa. That’s a full 240 minutes of peace, serenity and pure indulgence!

The Beaux Rêves Nordic Spa is a real gem in the Laurentians where you can listen to the soothing sound of the river all year long and enjoy access to river plunge and relaxation areas with hammocks when you visit during May through November. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in a relaxed, uncrowded environment. Escape from the stresses of regular life as a couple, with a few friends or on a solo retreat. As in the origin of the sauna in Scandinavian countries, our spa is also a social place to meet and connect, so we do welcome relaxed conversation with all due respect to fellow spa lovers.

Begin your thermal experience in one of our Finnish saunas or our Eucalyptus steam room with cold shower.  Afterwards, our Nordic waterfall gives you the opportunity to invigorate yourself or step into our river as you immerse in a river plunge. Enjoy the cozy warmth of thermal therapy as you soak in one of our natural stone ponds with a thermal waterfall. Repeat the hot-cold-relax cycle three times to feel the real benefits of relaxation and removing toxins.

We also offer cozy riverside cabins, where you can listen to the rushing river and nature as you enjoy one of our body spa treatments provided by one of the professionals of Beaux Rêves. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Spa Packages

Indulge yourself in one of our luxurious spa packages and experience how wonderful it is to relax and unwind, surrounded by natural beauty. We offer several different packages, each designed and carefully planned with the maximum enjoyment of our guests in mind. We will help you to feel your absolute best after a visit to Auberge & Nordic Spa Beaux Rêves!

No matter what package you choose, each includes rental of bathrobe and towel. You’ll need to bring your bathing suit, sandals, a bottle of water, and a lock. If you have massage therapy insurance, receipts are available.

Choose from these spa packages

Magic Dreams

You’ll think you are dreaming when you experience how wonderful this package will make you feel! Starting at only $150, the Magic Dreams package includes:

  • Two 60-minute spa treatments of your choice. That’s two full hours of rejuvenating, revitalizing or relaxing treatments 
  • Access to the Nordic Spa for a full four hours.

5 @ 9 Nordic Spa Evening at the Spa & Dream Circuit 

If you find evenings to be a more magical and soothing time for your spa visit, then you can experience all we have to offer at twilight with this package starting at $55. Our 5 @ 9 Nordic Spa Evening & Dream Circuit package includes:

  • One hour ”Dream Circuit” includes: pressure therapy, deluxe head to toe massage chair, full spectrum infrared sauna, chromotherapy OR Beaux Rêves Siberian sauna – the 1st and only one in Quebec!
  • Access to the Beaux Rêves Nordic Spa between 5 PM and 9 PM 

Escapade Day with Lunch

If you would like a delicious lunch coupled with your spa visit, try our Day Escapade with Lunch, which costs $109. This package includes a delicious  lunch at our Bistro Beaux Rêves where you can enjoy a variety of homemade food in a calm and casual environment. Enjoy the view while you savour the food! This package also includes:

  • One 60-minute spa treatment of your choice
  • *Insurance receipts are provided for massage therapy.
  • 4 hours access to the Beaux Rêves Nordic Spa

Spa Lunch and Dream Circuit

Another great option for a spa package that includes lunch at Bistro Beaux Rêves is our Spa Lunch and Dream Circuit. This package starts at $99, and besides a delicious and relaxed meal with a great view, it includes:

  • One hour « Dream Circuit, » includes: pressure therapy, deluxe head to toe massage chair, full spectrum infrared sauna, with chromotherapy OR Beaux Rêves Siberian sauna – the 1st and only one in Quebec!
  • 4 hours access to the Beaux Rêves Nordic Spa

Spa Lunch and Horseback Riding

Combine lunch and horseback riding in this package that starts at $84. Enjoy casual dining and tasty homemade food in our Bistro Beaux Rêves or on our terrace while enjoying a picturesque view of the river and Nordic spa. Also included in this package:

  • One hour of horseback riding
  • 4 hours access to the Beaux Rêves Nordic Spa

Spa Treatments

Our luxurious spa treatments will rejuvenate you from head to toe. In our exquisite Laurentian location, you will be thoroughly pampered by our spa professionals, allowing you to relax and refresh your spirit. Whatever service you choose, the result will be an amazing sense of tranquility and transformation.

Choose from the following Spa Treatments

Swedish Massage

Relax and energize your body with a Swedish massage. Release all your pain and tension, and forget about any of the stress that may be lingering in the back of your mind. 

Hot Stone Massage

For an exceptional and unique experience, try a hot stone massage. This is a 90-minute massage of the entire body including the face, hair, and extremities. By using the energy of hot stones, physical aches and pains will be relieved and make way for relaxation and vitality to set in.


A facial at Beaux Rêves includes exfoliation of dead cells, vaporization with essential oils, and massaging of the neck. Freshen and revitalize your skin for ultimate relaxation and improved appearance.


The entire body is exfoliated in order to prepare the skin for improved remineralization. Dead cells are removed from the surface, leaving you feeling revitalized and regenerated.

Body Wrap

Firm and tone your skin or achieve complete relaxation by choosing a body wrap treatment. Using an application of either chocolate, mud or seaweed and essential oils all over the body, you can enjoy thorough remineralization.


Eliminate tension and blockages with a reflexology treatment, a method of applying pressure to specific zones of the feet or hands. This treatment will help to improve blood circulation and the functioning of the nervous system so you can achieve better harmony.

Thermal Therapy

The Beaux Rêves thermal experience consists of alternating hot and cold, with periods of relaxation in between.  HOT-COLD-RELAX-REPEAT.  

We offer various “hot” choices where you can begin the soothing feeling of thermal therapy, including eucalyptus steam room with cold shower, Finnish sauna or, barrel sauna. Invigorate yourself with a river plunge (May to November) cold shower or under our Nordic waterfall.  Then relax in one of our thermal ponds. Experience renewed energy in our infrared heated sunroom overlooking the river, in a riverside hammock or in one of our various relaxation areas. Repeat the cycle 3 times to feel the wellness and benefits.

Don’t Miss Our Dream Circuit

Spend an hour in our Dream Salon, the Dream Circuit will make you feel and become wholly refreshed. This incredible experience begins with pressure therapy, which is a method of improving blood circulation by using pressure and lymphatic drainage. This treatment reduces the feeling of swollen or aching legs and can also relieve fluid retention and cellulite.

Afterwards, completely relax in our deluxe head to toe massage chair that reproduces over five massage actions that actually feel like a professional massage! You won’t believe how good this makes you feel.

Then, choose one of the following:

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy – Infrared rays offer impressive benefits that combat aging, and our infrared sauna is an excellent method for natural healing. Chromotherapy is a means of restoring balance to the body by using both colour and light. Using light as therapy can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The Beaux Rêves Siberian Sauna – If you prefer to not breathe hot sauna air or are claustrophobic, you will enjoy this unique dry sauna experience that improves circulation and relaxes muscles. Our sauna is the first and only like it in Quebec. So, come and enjoy this incredibly unique experience!

A visit to the Laurentians region is like visiting heaven. While you are in the area, discover the outstanding amenities and activities at Auberge & Nordic Spa Beaux Rêves. It’s a relaxing and healing experience that you will never forget. Come live the Beaux Rêves experience! Contact us today to learn more and reserve your upcoming stay.