The Three Major Benefits of Taking a Girls Getaway


In the last few years we have seen the trend of women vacationing together increasing greatly. Today, women are far more established in their career and have a greater amount of disposable income than ever before. These women play multiple roles on the daily and understand the values of taking time away for some much needed girl time. Whether you decide to go with your sister, a cousin, or a group of girlfriends, we highly encourage you take a mini girls getaway and to indulge in the Beaux Rêves experience at our Laurentians spa. Below are three major benefits of taking a girls getaway.

Bonds are strengthened:

In most cases, living in close proximity with someone tends to strengthen the bond between you. Spending a weekend away with your closest of girlfriends, sharing a hotel suite and taking part in activities that all of you can enjoy together will have the same effect in strengthening that bond.

Good friends, conversation and experience results in inner self-healing:

In between the roles we play on the job and at home, life can undoubtedly get very busy. When the stresses of everyday life begin to increase, many often find themselves lost and out of touch with their inner being; further causing stress levels to rise. Going away with like-minded friends allows you to decompress. Research indicates that close female friends tend to share very confidential, free talk with each other when uninterrupted from daily responsibilities.  The result is a great form of inner healing that could not necessarily be obtained otherwise.

Stress hormones and blood pressure decrease:

According to research, engaging in enjoyable leisure activities can lower stress hormones and blood pressure. The study explains that when we are under stress, we tend to cut back on activities we would otherwise enjoy because we feel we need more time to deal with the stress. This is the wrong thing to do as regularly taking part in enjoyable activities is a helpful remedy for stress relief.

Come book a girls getaway and leave the stress behind!

Enjoy the Beaux Rêves experience with the girls through any one of our highly rated accommodation packages and spa treatments.  Call us at 1-800-279-7679 (Montreal: 514-316-7808) or send us an email at to reserve your getaway today. Don’t forget to check out our reviews. Come and relax with your friends!