Culinary adventures in Sainte-Adèle in the Laurentians


The Laurentians region is a renowned culinary and gastronomic destination in Quebec. Its creative and gourmet chefs work with fresh and local ingredients, which highlight the flavour of their dishes. The city of Sainte-Adèle is a hidden gem in the Laurentians region when it comes to the pleasure of taste. To experience an out of the ordinary culinary adventure in the Laurentians, visit the gorgeous Sainte-Adèle.

Culinary adventures

Discover the following culinary adventures during your next trip to Sainte-Adèle in the Laurentians

Microbrewery Gueule de Loup

The Microbrewery Gueule de Loup is a Sainte-Adèle pub where craft beer enthusiasts and pub cuisine lovers find everything they want. With more than 100 kinds of craft beer from 18 different lines, which are rotated every week, Gueule de Loup is the resto-pub to go to if you want to have fun with friends in a casual atmosphere. Their menu features local producers and is typical of a British pub. They offer the classic Fish & Chips, the beef tartar, the Banger, Mash & Onglet, as well as the mouth-watering Wings and GDL Black Beer Waffles.

Restaurant Donalda

The Restaurant Donalda menu is as refined as it is inventive. With a new table d’hôte every week, eating there is a three-stage adventure: first, there is the prologue, then, the intrigue, and finally, the epilogue. For the first course, you could have one of the classics they offer, such as the Caesar salad or the French onion soup, or something more gourmet, like their marinated brie on the grill or their cloth-wrapped foie gras. For the main course, they offer various fish and sea food dishes, as well as tartars, but you could also rediscover your favorite comfort food dishes, such as the burger or the mac n’ cheese. The Donalda is perfect for those who want to experience unique gastronomy in a friendly setting in Sainte-Adèle.

Esmeralda sur le lac

The Italian restaurant Esmeralda sur le Lac is surrounded by the beautiful Sainte-Adèle greenery and looks on the scenic Lac Rond. The authentic Italian flavour of their dishes can be savored inside, in an intimate and cozy setting, or outside, in a green landscape. This family restaurant is located only 45 minutes from Montreal.

Restaurant Le Feu de Bois

To enjoy an authentic wood-burning oven pizza, Le Feu de Bois is the ideal restaurant, offering high quality, fresh produce, and homemade pasta as well. Pizza connoisseurs know that the authentic and traditional way of making this delicious meal is not the one we find in most pizzerias. Le Feu de Bois’s wood-burning oven-baked pizzas are made in accordance with the Italian tradition, while, at the same time, being very varied. They also offer flammekueches and calzones.

Bakery La Farandole

La Farandole is a bakery, but it is also a cake shop, a caterer, and a restaurant. Its rustic decor follows its philosophy: simple cuisine, made from local produce, with no trans fat and no microwave, just like in the old days. So, to enjoy a dinner with a typical Quebec flavor, such as the rib steak, or for a delicious and nutritious breakfast, come to La Farandole in Sainte-Adèle.

Café Resto Cœur de Provence

The Café Resto Cœur de Provence offers breakfasts and dinners made of fresh produce with French influences, in the heart of Sainte-Adèle. They offer 7 different menus and you will never see the same menu two days in a row. At Café Resto Cœur de Provence, you will savor a unique, authentic and high-quality cuisine, in an easygoing and jovial atmosphere.

Café Citrus

Loved for its healthy breakfasts, its veggie-burgers, its sandwiches, and its cappuccinos, Café Citrus combines the relaxed café ambiance with a great cuisine that is as fresh as it is tasty. This small family café definitely makes the healthy foodies very happy.

Chocolaterie Marie-Claude

Chocolaterie Marie-Claude does not only offer excellent artisanal chocolate; waffles, pastries, croissants, fudge, and nougat are also featured. This chocolate shop is downright heavenly for those with a sweet tooth. At the sight of all that sweetness, one cannot help but fall back into childhood.

Sainte-Adèle abounds with artisanal shops that celebrate the Laurentians, whether by its local produce or by its majestic landscapes. We invite you to come and discover Sainte-Adèle, the foodie city. After you will have savored the best our region has to offer, you could come see us, at the Auberge & Spa Beaux Rêves, and relax in our Nordic SPA. It will allow you to fully rest and escape in the heart of the Laurentian nature. For more information regarding Sainte-Adèle restaurants or our Nordic SPA, please contact us today. We will be happy to answer all your questions.