Day Spa Packages

Relaxing getaways, just the way you like them

Experience Auberge et Spa nordique Beaux Rêves at your own pace.
Choose the package that’s right for you.


Simply Thermal Spa Package

For half a day, enjoy a classic Nordic spa experience and enjoy complete relaxation of body and mind. Alternate between hot and cold to reduce stress, soothe your pain and increase your energy level. Let yourself be lulled in a natural environment that promotes your well-being.


Dog sledding package

Initiation to dog sledding A driving lesson from a professional guide followed by a ten-minute ride over a distance of about 2 km for an activity lasting about 30 minutes in total.

Spa package

Premium BR+ spa package

Enjoy full access to our Premium BR+ stations to experience all our spa facilities and treatments!
Discover our riverside whirlpools and ponds, come relax in our NeuroSpa chairs, and experience our compression therapy boots. Spend half of a day recharging and getting the rest and tranquility you need. Allow yourself a well-deserved break from it all, just the way you like it.

Spa package

Discovery spa package

The discovery spa package includes:
Access to the basic spa (simply thermal), bathrobe rental, padlock rental, sandals, a pizza of your choice, a drink of your choice & a treatment station of your choice.

Spa package

Premium BR+ Evening at the spa

Enjoy full access to our Premium BR+ stations any day of the week from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Spend a relaxing evening at our Nordic spa. Unwind as you discover our one-of-a-kind facilities including a Himalayan salt room, an aromatherapy and sound therapy room, an ionic foot detoxification treatment, compression therapy boots and several others.