Yoga, Meditation, and Relaxation in the Laurentians


The Laurentians region is known for its health centers and spas. It is clear that its reputation as a relaxation destination is firmly established. Each year, many people go and spend quality time in this beautiful region to unwind and recharge. But did you know that the Laurentians region is also a choice destination for yoga and meditation practice? Here are a few locations to keep in mind for your next relaxation getaway in the Laurentians.


Sivanda Ashram yoga camp is a majestic 350 acres location in Val-Morin, in the beautiful Laurentians mountains. Only 90 minutes from Montreal, the ashram gives you access to yoga classes, but also to a pool, a traditional wood burning sauna, a Krishna temple, a health hut, where you will find fruits, juices, and snacks, as well as forest trails and flower gardens. Clearly, this location is a haven of peace.

Shanti Om

At Shanti Om Yoga Center, in Saint-Sauveur, you will have the opportunity to take classes with Parijata, co-founder and director of the center. Yoga practitioner for more than 30 years and full-time teacher for 16 years, Parijata also specialises in meditation and therapeutic yoga. She now runs a yoga teacher training program, which is accredited by the Canadian Yoga Alliance and is aimed at deepening your knowledge about yoga as a therapeutic and transformative practice.

Fusion Gym

Centre Fusion Gym, also in Saint-Sauveur, is a fitness center that exceeds all expectations. Centre Fusion brings together esthetics, quality and expertise in order to offer you the best fitness experience there is. Open all day long seven days a week, all 365 days of the year, the Centre offers you various types of subscriptions to meet everyone’s particular needs. These subscriptions range from Unlimited gym, i.e. a 3 months or 12 months membership, to 10 visit Access-Card, allowing you to try all their leading-edge equipment. In addition, Centre Fusion offers students and people 65 years and older a 15% discount, to make fitness passion accessible to everyone!

Méditation Dhyana Ananda

Méditation Dhyana Ananda, as the name suggests, allows you to withdraw from your hectic life to meditate in the Laurentians, and more specifically in Val-Morin, only 45 minutes from Montreal. Dhyana Ananda, which means « joy of meditation », offers you four types of retreats : the Dhyana 1 retreats, which are semi-silent, are perfect for beginners or those who are simply looking for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere; the Dhyana 2 retreats, which are silent, comprise an additional meditation session and are designed for those who wish a more intensive practice; the 10 days retreats in the summertime are either semi-silent (the first two of summer), or completely silent (the last one of summer); Finally, a 21 days retreat in the South of India will also be offered during the winter of 2018.


Art-Massage is a massage therapy school located in the heart of the Village of Saint-Sauveur, which offers, of course, massage therapy trainings, but also energy treatments, meditation and yoga sessions, and even concerts. This rejuvenation center combines under one roof an impressive range of meditative, spiritual, and relaxing activities. What’s more, Art-Massage offers you a choice between student massages and pro massages, the former allowing you to treat yourself for a lower price, whether it’s with a Swedish or a Californian massage, or with a reflexology or chakras treatment.

Auberge and Nordic Spa Beaux Rêves

You can also enjoy yoga and meditation sessions at Auberge et Nordic Spa Beaux Rêves in Sainte-Adèle in the Laurentians. In fact, we have partnered with qualified instructors to offer you an even more complete relaxation experience during your visit to our Nordic spa.

Our Espace Harmonie multifunctional room has large windows that let in the energizing light of the day. You will be able to practice yoga while admiring the enchanting landscape graciously offered by the mountain and its trees and the Rivière aux Mulets that surround our auberge. In the summer, you can take advantage of our site to do yoga while taking in the fresh air of the outdoors.

Treat yourself to one of our day spa packages and add an hour of yoga for a relaxing experience like no other. Our Nordic spa features many stations such as a large natural stone thermal pond, whirlpool with waterfall, cold waterfall, eucalyptus steam sauna, salt room, massage chairs, hammocks and many other ones.

We also have spa and accommodation packages if you wish to extend your stay and feel invigorated even more. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you plan your next trip to the Laurentians.

– Updated as of December 17, 2021