5 Reasons to Go to a Nordic Spa in the Laurentians This Winter

Raisons de visiter un spa en hiver

There’s nothing cozier on a cold winter day than warming up at a Nordic spa. Fortunately, for Canadians, this natural Scandinavian therapy is becoming a popular pastime across the country. Curious about visiting a Nordic Spa in the Laurentians this winter? Here are 5 reasons to check out this Scandinavian tradition for yourself.

1. Health Benefits

Forget the hustle and bustle of the winter season with a relaxing trip to the nordic spa. Day spa packages provide several health benefits, including:

  • Improving circulation – Hot and cold therapies get your heart pumping. The shock of ice water following a steamy sauna improves blood flow.
  • Reducing swelling and pain – Long before the mass production of pain medicine, humans used ice to prevent swelling and heat to prevent pain. At a Nordic spa, there is plenty of both.
  • Decreasing stress levels – Slipping into hot water is a sure way to wash away your worries. Nordic spa water helps your body relax and let go of daily stressors.
  • Optimizing immune system and detox – Saunas and steam baths cause you to sweat and sweat forces out toxins in your muscle tissue and skin.
  • Refreshing and invigorating – Clean, toned skin will give you an instant rejuvenation boost and the courage to take on whatever the day may hold.

2. Warm Escape in the Winter

If you don’t like the cold, winter can seem endless. One or more visits to a Nordic spa during the winter will allow you to temporarily escape the cold days while keeping your body warm. A Nordic spa in the Laurentians is the ideal place to escape for a few hours to alleviate the stress and tension that have accumulated during the week. Who knows, maybe after your visit you will appreciate winter a little more.

For the lucky ones who love winter, why not combine a visit to the spa with a morning of cross-country skiing or a day of downhill skiing? What a pleasure it is to relax your body in a hot water pond or sauna followed by an invigorating cold water or snow immersion! You’ll see, once the night comes, you’ll sleep like a baby.

3. Fewer People to Contend With

When the cold weather arrives and the snow begins to cover the ground, most people take refuge indoors. Luckily for you, this also means fewer people at the spa.

If you like solitude and want to make the most of your relaxation time, winter is a good time to visit a Nordic spa in the Laurentians.

You can then enjoy all the proposed stations at your own pace and daydream at your leisure in one of the thermal baths while taking advantage of all the health benefits it offers.

Reasons to Go to a Nordic Spa This Winter

4. Perfect Winter Getaway with Anyone

Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway, a family looking to share quality time together, or a group of friends looking for a different experience, a Nordic spa has something for everyone.

In addition to spa facilities, some Nordic spas, such as Auberge & Nordic Spa Beaux Rêves, offer the possibility of combining your visit with accommodations. Beaux Rêves offers convenient onsite room reservations and cottage rentals.

5. Winter Activities Nearby

Finally, one of the best things about choosing a Nordic spa in the Laurentians is the proximity of all winter activities.

What better way to enhance your visit to the spa than with a winter activity? From snowshoeing to snowmobiling, cross-country to downhill skiing, you are sure to find an activity in the Laurentians that you will enjoy.

Check out local activities nearby Auberge et Spa Beaux Reves such as:

  • Cross country skiing at P’tit Train du Nord
  • Snow tubing at Glissades du Domaine des Pays d’en haut
  • Snowshoeing in Parc de Mont Loup-Garou
  • Snowmobiling across the Laurentians

Start Enjoying Winter With a Visit to a Nordic Spa

Winter should not be the season to lock yourself inside. A visit to a Nordic spa in the Laurentians, with or without a winter activity, will make you appreciate winter even more while improving your physical and mental health.

Auberge and Nordic Spa Beaux Reves offers day spa packages and accommodation packages that combine a day at the spa with a stay in a suite where you can get cozy by the fire. Go ahead and book your day spa package now, you won’t regret it!